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Okay, so I have not yet learned to stop worrying (pretty sure that’s just a lifetime commitment), but anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE the Fibonacci sequence! One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is this Fibonacci spiral necklace:

imageAbove: Fibonacci necklace by Agate and Elm on Etsy

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Draw a circle with the golden ratio (1.6180339…) as circumference.

Label one point on the circle with the number 1. Rotate along the circle over a unit length and label the second point 2, rotate again and label the third point 3, etc.


At every stage, the difference between two consecutive points’ labels always equals a Fibonacci number.

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A growing fractal tree

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Paul Hill from Prenotations [Early Work], 1974-1978

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Mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the universal pattern of life; by adding the sum of two previous numbers beginning with zero to infinity (0,1,1,2,3…). The Fibonacci sequence, the growth of all things is found in nature in the simplest and most lovely things that can be offered to our universe.

Happy Fibonacci Friday and never stop searching for the infinite patterns of life.

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Fibonacci Sequence Print (60x80 cm)

Fibonacci, Italian mathematician of the 12th century.


Questions, questions

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"Fiboncci Sequence (Square)" Art print

Leonardo Fibonacci is an Italian mathematician from the 12th century.

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Alva Bernadine - Doll (Tessa Kuragi).